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Do you need a bookkeeper in Lismore? We’re dedicated to making your small business journey easier and more rewarding. As passionate business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges you face – the constant overwhelm, the stress of managing your finances, and the feeling of losing control. That’s why we’re here to provide smart bookkeeping and cash management solutions tailored to your needs, so you can focus on running your business.

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Bookkeeping led by Experts

Our clients are assigned a dedicated bookkeeping team led by a qualified accountant to ensure the highest standard of accuracy and compliance.

This approach means your business benefits from expert financial oversight, combining meticulous bookkeeping with a broader outlook on your business’s financial performance.

Schedule a free discovery call to learn first-hand how our team can not only save you time but also provide insights that will unlock your business’s potential.

Bookkeeping Led By Experts Lismore
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Our Bookkeeping Services

At Heart Bookkeeping in Lismore, we go beyond basic number crunching to offer comprehensive bookkeeping services tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Our team is here to take the hassle out of managing your finances, design a better bookkeeping process and ultimately save you time.

We can help with the following services, allowing you to focus more on growth and less on paperwork.

  • Reconcile your bank, loan and credit card accounts in Xero
  • Enter your bills for payment
  • Enter your sales invoices
  • Help you manage your cash flow
  • Prepare custom management reports
  • Prepare your Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Prepare your Taxable Payments Annual Reports
  • Create a Xero file and work papers that your accountant will love
  • Work with your accountant to get the best outcomes for your business
  • Advise on best practice bookkeeping and process improvements
  • Provide Xero training and support
  • Provide general bookkeeping phone and email support

Discover how our bookkeeping services can transform your finances by booking a free discovery call today.

We Offer Rescue Bookkeeping for Overwhelmed Business Owners

Feeling swamped by untidy financial records and stressed about being behind with your lodgements? 

Our rescue bookkeeping service is your solution. We specialise in turning chaos into clarity, tackling everything from backlogged bookkeeping to compliance headaches. 

Our goal is not just to clean up your books but also to guide you towards ongoing, stress-free financial management. 

With our expert team by your side, regain peace of mind and refocus on steering your business forward.

Looking for more than just bookkeeping?

At Heart Bookkeeping, we understand that your business needs extend beyond traditional bookkeeping. 

That’s why we offer a range of services designed to meet your broader business goals.

We can help you with:

Efficient payroll management is essential for smooth business operations. 

From calculating wages and superannuation contributions to handling PAYG withholdings and end-of-year summaries, we take care of every detail. 

Our streamlined approach not only minimises administrative burdens but also enhances overall payroll accuracy.

We ensure every aspect of your payroll process aligns with best practices and legislative requirements.

Keeping up with the rules and paperwork for your business can sometimes feel like a maze.

At Heart Bookkeeping, we can provide up-to-date advice about your reporting obligations and requirements to ensure your business ticks all the right boxes with the ATO and other reporting bodies.

Whether you need assistance with your Business Activity Statements (BAS), Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting or Workers Compensation Actual Wages Declarations, we’ve got your back when it comes to business compliance.

The Cashflow Project is a tailored 12-month initiative designed to empower small business owners with robust financial management skills. 

This comprehensive program focuses on creating a strategic financial blueprint, establishing a practical cash flow strategy, and setting up efficient financial systems. 

Aimed at enhancing financial literacy and mastery, the project encourages proactive participation and openness to feedback, facilitating better business decisions, increased profitability, and sustainable growth.

Whether you’re new to Xero or looking to optimise its use, we offer comprehensive setup and personalised training sessions. 

With our training, you’ll become a pro at managing your bookkeeping, making the most of Xero’s powerful tools to streamline your accounting processes and having access to accurate numbers to help drive your business forward. 

We offer the following services:

If you have any questions or think one of these options is right for you, we offer free discovery calls to help you find the right choice for your bookkeeping and business finance needs.

Our Lismore Office

Our Lismore office is based in the heart of the CBD and was the birthplace of Heart Bookkeeping (and our founder too many moons ago!). We love working with clients in Lismore and its surrounding towns such as Casino, Kyogle, Alstonville, Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay and over the border in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Lismore’s economic landscape is characterised by diversity, resilience, and growth. Here, we highlight the key economic features that contribute to the city’s vitality:

Lismore’s economy is not limited to a single sector. While its agricultural heritage, including dairy farming and sugarcane production, still thrives, the city has expanded into various industries. Healthcare, education, retail, and tourism are among the sectors that drive economic activity in the region.

Lismore’s economic vitality is bolstered by the presence of the Lismore Base Hospital, a prominent regional healthcare facility. This institution not only provides critical medical services but also generates employment opportunities and contributes significantly to the local economy.

Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus has grown in prominence, attracting students and researchers from near and far. The university’s presence strengthens the city’s educational sector, creating a dynamic environment for learning and innovation.

Lismore boasts a thriving retail scene, with the Lismore Central Shopping Centre and other commercial areas offering a diverse range of shopping and dining experiences. Local markets, such as the Lismore Farmers Market, add vibrancy to the retail sector.

Lismore’s natural wonders, including lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and easy access to Byron Bay, make it a prime tourist destination. The city’s proximity to iconic attractions attracts visitors and supports businesses in the tourism industry.

Why Lismore is a Great Place to Live and Conduct a Small Business

Beyond its economic strengths, Lismore offers a high quality of life and a supportive environment for small businesses. Here’s why this region stands out as an excellent place to live and establish a small enterprise:

Lismore’s welcoming community and affordable housing options make it an ideal place to settle down and raise a family. The city’s educational facilities, including primary and secondary schools and a university campus, ensure access to quality education.

Lismore’s cultural scene is vibrant, with the Lismore Regional Gallery showcasing local and contemporary art. The annual Lismore Lantern Parade is a beloved event that celebrates creativity and community spirit.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Lismore offers a paradise of natural beauty. The surrounding rainforests, national parks, and the picturesque Wilsons River provide opportunities for hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and wildlife watching.

Entrepreneurs find fertile ground in Lismore, thanks to its diverse economy and supportive business community. The Lismore Business Panel offers networking opportunities and resources to help small businesses flourish.

Lismore’s strategic location within the Northern Rivers region grants access to a growing market of both local residents and tourists. With its proximity to Byron Bay, businesses catering to tourists can tap into a constant stream of visitors seeking unique experiences.

Lismore’s lower cost of living compared to major cities in Australia allows small business owners to invest in their enterprises without the financial pressures often associated with larger urban centers.


Bookkeeping FAQs

We work on your business remotely using Xero accounting software. We are available by phone or email and we customise our bookkeeping solutions to meet the changing needs of your business. Our fixed fee pricing structure means no nasty bill surprises and ensures we’re always working hard to create efficiencies in your bookkeeping processes.

We understand that each small business owner is at a different stage in their business journey so we have packages that support you through each of these stages. Those ready to get on top of their cash flow struggles should check out “The Cash Flow Project”

Why pay for the time spent rather than the results achieved? We don’t charge an hourly rate, but instead provide you with a fixed fee solution so you know exactly what to budget for, providing you with cost predictability and removing the possibility of bill shock.

Fixed fees align our interests with yours as we have every reason to make your bookkeeping processes more streamlined and reduce the amount of time you spend on bookkeeping related tasks.

At Heart Bookkeeping we only use and recommend Xero online accounting software. Born in the cloud just like us, Xero provides small business owners with a user-friendly accounting experience and can handle all your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks as well as connecting with over 1,000 apps to simplify tasks such as payment collections, inventory, job management, CRM and more.

If you’re currently using another accounting software or struggling on excel, Heart Bookkeeping can get you set-up on Xero and transfer your important contact, payroll and other business information across so that you’re up and running in no time.

Yes we do! Depending on your learning style you can choose between two different delivery methods for your Xero training with us:

Self-Paced Online Xero Training ($49 per month):

This is an affordable option for those who want to get their head around the basics of using Xero.

Our training videos take you through the basics of each area of the Xero platform and give you access to downloaded checklists so you can ensure you’re on the right track.

We’re always adding new content to the training portal so you can build on your basic knowledge over time and gain confidence in the quality of your Xero numbers.

One-on-one Xero Training via Zoom or in person ($550):

This Xero training option is suited to those who want a customised approach to their Xero education.

It’s a way to fast-track your learning as we customise this training to focus on the areas that are relevant to your business and you can ask us questions that relate to your business and your Xero file.

You get 2 hours with one of our Xero certified gurus + up to one hour of additional phone and/or email support in the 2 weeks following your training session.

We also give you FREE access to our Xero Online Training platform for one month so you can access our downloadable checklists and additional training content.

We believe you get the best value out of working with us when we connect with your accountant so we’re all working together.

During the onboarding phase we reach out to your accountant to introduce ourselves and give them an overview of the services you’ve engaged us to deliver. We ask them to provide us with information that will help us do our job and that will ensure we provide them with a Xero file they’ll love.

We also touch base with them at key points in the year to update them on your business performance and get guidance from them on varying the business’s quarterly tax instalments you’re paying to the ATO if needed. After the end of the financial year we send them all the information we know they’ll need to get started on your tax and financial statements and make ourselves available for any queries they may have.

Coming from a public practice background, the leaders at Heart Bookkeeping have been on the receiving end of client and bookkeeper-prepared Xero files just like you, and know the difference a great bookkeeper can make to both your client and your accounting firm.

Heart Bookkeeping partners with responsive and proactive accountants and accounting firms to get the best outcomes for our mutual clients. Not only do we provide you with beautiful Xero accounting files and year end workpapers, we flag any changes in the client’s business that may require your advice and expertise. We also handle all your client’s Xero and transaction level queries so you have more time to spend on services such as tax planning and business structuring that will make a real difference to the lives of your client.

Find out how you can partner with Heart Bookkeeping here.

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