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At Heart Bookkeeping, we’re all about making your small business journey easier and more rewarding. We know you’re a passionate business owner with big dreams, and we’re here to help you achieve clarity, control, and confidence over your business numbers.

We get it – being a small business owner can be tough. Constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed about your bookkeeping, trying to make sense of your cash flow and ATO reporting obligations and feeling like you have no control over any of it. You started your business to pursue your dreams, make an impact, and secure a stable financial future. Instead, you find yourself buried in paperwork, missing out on precious moments with your loved ones, and struggling to reach your full potential.

That’s where we come in. Heart Bookkeeping specialises in designing smart bookkeeping and cash management solutions for small business owners just like you.

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Heart Bookkeeping

Our Founder

Hi, I’m Jaime Bates and I created Heart Bookkeeping back in 2015 to make a life-changing impact on the financial wellbeing of Australian small business owners. I’m a passionate businesswoman, experienced accountant and an advocate of the ideology that businesses have the potential to bring about the greatest positive change in our world.

A passion for running businesses is in my blood, having come from a long line of business owners dating back to my great, great grandparents Wilf and Ethel Latimer, who moved to Lismore in 1910 and were dairy farmers and hide byers. My family owned many businesses in Lismore over the years including the ACME Filling Station, the ACME Vulcanising Works, the Copper Grill, Latimers Laundry, Summerland Sports and now the businesses myself and my siblings own and operate in this current generation. But it was while I was working as an accountant, that I witnessed first-hand the challenges and stress that often accompanied the responsibility of bookkeeping for business owners. For most owners, bookkeeping was a cumbersome distraction from their core business, consuming precious evenings and weekends, and causing frustration and confusion.

Recognising the critical importance of maintaining up-to-date financial records, anticipating tax obligations, tracking cash flow, and discovering the insights hidden within the numbers, I made a decision to transition from public practice accounting to the rapidly advancing world of cloud-based bookkeeping. This way, I could work more closely with owners in real-time to streamline their bookkeeping processes, educate them on their numbers, and support them in moving their businesses forward.

I firmly believe that business owners should focus their time and energy in their areas of genius, and doing those things which give them the most joy and inspiration. Partnering with numbers experts such as accountants and bookkeepers who can help them navigate the financial aspects of their operations is the smartest choice for those who want to ensure the financial fitness of their business.

You might be curious about the name “Heart” Bookkeeping. For me, the name holds special significance for several reasons:

  • Like a human heart, the numbers and cash within every business are what keeps the business alive. The stronger the financial heart of the business, the better the business functions, and the more chance it has of thriving over a long period of time.

  • I aspired to build a workplace where people derive a sense of purpose from helping others and feel like they are part of a larger family 💗 I envisioned Heart Bookkeeping as a place where employees love coming to work and are united by a shared commitment to making a positive impact.

  • Heart Bookkeeping, my own children and I were all born in Lismore, often referred to as the Heart of the Northern Rivers of NSW. Lismore’s marketing campaign once revolved around the slogan “Come to the Heart.” Although I have since relocated to Hobart my family and many of our clients remain in the Lismore area, and so it will always hold a special place in my own heart.

So if you’re looking for a supportive bookkeeping firm that you can partner with to help you gain clarity over your numbers, control over your cash flow and confidence to make smarter business decisions based on accurate financial data, you’ve come to the right place.

Heart Bookkeeping
Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help small business owners reclaim their time and passion, by taking away their bookkeeping and cashflow pain.

Let us support you in reaching your business goals by getting clarity, control and confidence over your business numbers.

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Our Vision
Empowering Small Businesses for a Brighter Tomorrow

At Heart Bookkeeping we’re here to play a bigger game. Our vision is to revolutionise the small business landscape, providing clarity and confidence through intuitive bookkeeping solutions, so entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams and drive positive change in society.

What We Offer
Our Services

We offer full-service bookkeeping and payroll solutions, including rescue services for those that have fallen behind. Don’t spend hours stressing over a mountain of bookwork, outstanding ATO lodgements and debt. We will get you caught up and keep you up to date so you can sleep better at night. We will design a fixed fee plan that is perfect for you and during times of business growth or seasonality we can upgrade your plan to ensure you are serviced at the levels your business needs.

For those business owners who enjoy doing their own bookkeeping (yes, there are a few of them out there haha!) but need Xero Training we have two options you can choose from to ensure you make the most out of the features in Xero.

Countless small business owners have experienced the life-changing benefits of Heart Bookkeeping’s first class bookkeeping and cash flow management solutions. With Heart Bookkeeping on your side, you can trust that your financial well-being is in the hands of compassionate, skilled, and dedicated professionals who genuinely care about your success.

We understand that every business owner is at a different stage of their journey and so we’ve designed our bookkeeping and cash flow management solutions to ensure you feel well supported on this journey and to allow you to grow your confidence in the financial side of your business.

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Xero Services
Take control of your business finances

If you’re new to Xero or lack confidence in what you’re doing in your Xero file, our Xero Online Training platform gives you on-demand access to training videos that will improve your understanding of the key features of Xero in a logical sequence to build your knowledge. We encourage you to work through the modules while you’re doing your own bookkeeping to get the full benefit of the training. Choose our Xero Online Training course as part of your Xero Bookkeeping and/or Set up package or as a stand alone training course.

For business owners needing some additional One-to-One assistance, you can opt into One-to-One Xero training with one of our Xero Certified gurus. These two hours sessions allow us to customise the training to focus on exactly what you want to do in your Xero file. You’ll also receive access to our Xero Online Training platform after your One-to-One training session so you can continue to build on the skills and knowledge you acquired during the training session.

If you are running a profitable business but don’t know why you have no cash to pay your bills or pay yourself then our Cash Flow Project solution could be just what you need. We deep dive into your profit projections and give you an easy to follow plan to monitor and take control of your cash flow. And we continue to work with you over a 12 month period to ensure you continue to gain clarity and confidence over this critical area of your business.

If you’re ready to take control of your business finances and make your entrepreneurial journey more fulfilling and financially rewarding then book a FREE discovery call with Heart Bookkeeping today.

Introducing Xero

Xero Services

Introducing Xero, the ultimate online accounting solution for modern small business success!

Xero is the number one cloud-based accounting platform for small to medium sized businesses in Australia and we’re so in love with it that we built our entire business around it.

Xero Setup

Join the millions of businesses worldwide that trust Xero to revolutionise their financial management.

Xero Training

Whether you’re a newbie to Xero or simply want to enhance your skills, we offer two fantastic options that will help you harness the full potential of Xero.

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