Community Impact

Business as a force for good

At Heart Bookkeeping we care about transforming the lives of our clients through smart bookkeeping and cash flow management solutions. We also care about the impact our business can have on the wider community. When we do well, we want others to share in this success.

Heart Bookkeeping

Creating positive impact

Every time a new client places their trust in us by signing an engagement for bookkeeping and Xero services, we create a positive impact in the world through our partnership with B1G1.

Here’s how it works…

A business signs their bookkeeping proposal with us = We give through the B1G1 platform. 

This initiative empowers our individuals with essential digital skills, opening doors to new opportunities and bridging the digital divide.

This educational opportunity has the potential to spark innovation, foster leadership, and create lasting change.

Australian farmers are the backbone of our nation and are some of those most affected by the negative effects of climate change.We support farmers affected by natural disasters so they can get back on their feet faster.

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We are not alone in this mission

B1G1 has a unique giving model which means that 100% of our giving goes to the projects we choose to support. As a company, we pay a separate membership fee that covers admin and marketing so that we know that the money we donate to these causes goes straight to the people who really need it.

There’s nothing extra you need to do except enjoy the benefits of having your bookkeeping taken care of AND know that together, we’re making great things happen…

At Heart Bookkeeping, we are not alone in this mission. Thousands of businesses worldwide, united by a common purpose, are working in harmony with to create a better world. 

We firmly believe that businesses possess the power and resources to address the world’s most pressing challenges as outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Transformative approach

This transformative approach can take various forms

Businesses today are not just profit-driven entities; they are engines of innovation. Many are at the forefront of developing ingenious solutions to big global issues, from sustainable energy solutions to groundbreaking healthcare technologies.

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, businesses are reevaluating their practices to minimise their carbon footprint. Sustainability initiatives, from eco-friendly production processes to carbon-neutral operations, are becoming increasingly common.

Recognizing the role of businesses in effecting change, many businesses like us are actively partnering with organisations like B1G1 to channel their resources toward meaningful philanthropic endeavors, ensuring their success benefits those less fortunate.

At Heart Bookkeeping, we proudly align ourselves with this global movement, championing the belief that every business, regardless of its size or scope, can contribute to making the world a better place.

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Our Impact So Far

We started giving to these causes in September 2022. Here's our impact so far.






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