Cash Flow Management

Many business owners struggle to understand and manage their finances, leaving them stressed out and anxious. Financial anxiety leads to poor decision-making which further compounds the problem. We’ve all heard the saying “Cash is King” and this is as true today in our fast moving, digitalised world, as it has ever been.


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The Cashflow Project

Clarity. Control. Confidence.

The Cashflow Project is our solution for small business owners who want to improve their financial fitness and transform their entrepreneurial journey into one where they have clarity, control and confidence over their business numbers and cash flow.

At Heart Bookkeeping we really care about our clients and the small business community as a whole. We want to see you running a profitable and impactful business that supports your wealth creation goals and allows you to lead the life you want now but also to leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of.

Do you have a financial plan for your business? You might be surprised to hear that most small business owners don’t. But just like building a house, if you begin without a clear plan of how you want the house to look, then it’s anyone’s guess as to what the outcome will be!

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The Cashflow Project

The Cashflow Project is a 12 month program that takes you through the process of building and understanding the financial blueprint of your business, implementing a cash flow strategy that supports your goals and ensuring systems are in place to manage and monitor your business finances.

Financial and cash flow mastery is a skill and like any new skill you need to practice, practice, practice to get better at it. So before you invest in your financial literacy we want you to ask yourself:

  • Am I committed to giving The Cashflow Project my attention and to being actively involved in the process?
  • Am I committed to trusting in and following the process even when it’s hard or uncomfortable?
  • Am I open to receiving honest and constructive feedback about my business finances and current business profitability?

Business owners who can honestly answer a resounding yes to the three questions above are the ones that will achieve the greatest results from The Cashflow Project and who will gain the valuable financial skills and confidence to grow profitable businesses into the future.

Cashflow 1
Cashflow 2
Month 1


This is where we stocktake the current financial health of your business and help you create a financial plan so you know what you’re aiming for over the next 12 months. We will do the following

  • Industry benchmarking: See how your business is performing against your peers and identify areas of focus
  • Xero and Bookkeeping Systems Health Check: What changes are needed to ensure your bookkeeping system is going to support your financial plans
  • Bottom up budgeting Webinar and Toolkit: Get the tools and knowledge to create your own financial forecast in a supported environment
  • Financial KPI setting
Month 2


Now that you have a financial plan, we help you understand and implement our proven cashflow management plan to manage cash flow in your business. It’s our own unique interpretation of the Profit First method which aligns where you want to be with what you need to do to get there.

  • Cashflow Project Webinar: Attend this live event to get an overview of our cashflow management methodology and how you will implement this into your business to take control over your cash flow
  • One-on-one Budget Review and Cashflow Planning Meeting: We take your draft financial forecast, help you refine this and develop your individual cash flow plan. We take you through how to practically implement this in your business
Cashflow 3
Cashflow 4
Month 2 - 12


When you choose to add Xero bookkeeping to your Cash Flow Project package, not only will you free up a chunk of your precious time, you’ll also get peace of mind that you are meeting all your reporting obligations. Running a business is hard work without having to deal with the overwhelm of keeping on top of what you need to lodge, with who and by when. When you choose Heart for your bookkeeping you will know that your compliance obligations are being met.

  • 100% on-time lodgement: We ensure you meet your reporting obligations on time every time
  • No surprises: We work with your accountant and yourself to ensure you know how much to set aside for your tax, super and other obligations
Month 3+


Control comes from being across your numbers. This means being able to see your performance against budget in real-time and make the necessary adjustments as you go. Xero is a powerful tool and we want to show you how to harness its power to better manage the financial performance of your business.

  • Your financial forecast/budget loaded in Xero: We will load your budget into Xero so that you can compare your actuals against your budget
  • Customised Xero Management Reporting Pack: We design a reporting pack based around your KPIs
Cashflow 5
Cashflow 6


Having clarity and control over your business finances will set you on the path to financial confidence. Just like change is a certainty in life, it’s also the case in your business. What you forecasted 3 months ago will now be impacted by 3 months of change and extra knowledge you picked up over that time. That’s why each quarter we get you to update your financial forecasts for the next 12 months in what we call a rolling forecast. This is so you’re always revisiting, reflecting and resetting your financial plans in line with current expectations.

  • Revisit, Reflect, Reset: Roll forward your financial forecast to maintain its relevance


What you can expect

  • Predictable profits
  • Cash flow control
  • Confidence to drive your business forward
Cashflow 7

Our Pricing

Cash Flow Mastery
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The Cashflow Project

For small business owners committed to taking control of their cash flow and improving the financial fitness of their business. Master the skills of business finance and take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level.

Upfront $2,750 + $275 p/mth*
  • $2,500 upfront + $250 per month *Minimum 12 month commitment
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Xero + Bookkeeping Health Check
  • Bottom up Budgeting Webinar + Tools
  • Financial KPI setting
  • Cashflow Project Webinar
  • One-on-one Budget Review and Cashflow Planning Meeting
  • Your budget loaded into Xero
  • Customised Monthly Management Reporting Pack
Add Bookkeeping - Essential
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The Cashflow Project
+ Xero Bookkeeping

Access to accurate and timely financial data is essential to the success of The Cashflow Project. The Heart Bookkeeping team know how to create beautiful Xero files that will support your journey through The Cashflow Project. So if you’re struggling with your bookkeeping let us do it for you!

  • Everything from The Cashflow Project
  • Xero Bookkeeping
  • Payroll (if required)
  • Compliance sorted

We work on your business remotely using Xero accounting software. We are available by phone or email and we customise our bookkeeping solutions to meet the changing needs of your business. Our fixed fee pricing structure means no nasty bill surprises and ensures we’re always working hard to create efficiencies in your bookkeeping processes.

We understand that each small business owner is at a different stage in their business journey so we have packages that support you through each of these stages. Those ready to get on top of their cash flow struggles should check out “The Cash Flow Project”

Why pay for the time spent rather than the results achieved? We don’t charge an hourly rate, but instead provide you with a fixed fee solution so you know exactly what to budget for, providing you with cost predictability and removing the possibility of bill shock.

Fixed fees align our interests with yours as we have every reason to make your bookkeeping processes more streamlined and reduce the amount of time you spend on bookkeeping related tasks.

At Heart Bookkeeping we only use and recommend Xero online accounting software. Born in the cloud just like us, Xero provides small business owners with a user-friendly accounting experience and can handle all your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks as well as connecting with over 1,000 apps to simplify tasks such as payment collections, inventory, job management, CRM and more.

If you’re currently using another accounting software or struggling on excel, Heart Bookkeeping can get you set-up on Xero and transfer your important contact, payroll and other business information across so that you’re up and running in no time.

Yes we do! Depending on your learning style you can choose between two different delivery methods for your Xero training with us:

  1. Self-Paced Online Xero Training ($49 per month)
    This is an affordable option for those who want to get their head around the basics of using Xero. Our training videos take you through the basics of each area of the Xero platform and give you access to downloaded checklists so you can ensure you’re on the right track.

    We’re always adding new content to the training portal so you can build on your basic knowledge over time and gain confidence in the quality of your Xero numbers.
    Learn more here 

  2. One-on-one Training via Zoom or in person ($550)
    This Xero training option is suited to those who want a customised approach to their Xero education. It’s a way to fast-track your learning as we customise this training to focus on the areas that are relevant to your business and you can ask us questions that relate to your business and your Xero file.

    You get 2 hours with one of our Xero certified gurus + up to one hour of additional phone and/or email support in the 2 weeks following your training session.
    We also give you FREE access to our Xero Online Training platform for one month so you can access our downloadable checklists and additional training content.
    Learn more here 

We believe you get the best value out of working with us when we connect with your accountant so we’re all working together.

During the onboarding phase we reach out to your accountant to introduce ourselves and give them an overview of the services you’ve engaged us to deliver. We ask them to provide us with information that will help us do our job and that will ensure we provide them with a Xero file they’ll love.

We also touch base with them at key points in the year to update them on your business performance and get guidance from them on varying the business’s quarterly tax instalments you’re paying to the ATO if needed. After the end of the financial year we send them all the information we know they’ll need to get started on your tax and financial statements and make ourselves available for any queries they may have.

Coming from a public practice background, the leaders at Heart Bookkeeping have been on the receiving end of client and bookkeeper-prepared Xero files just like you, and know the difference a great bookkeeper can make to both your client and your accounting firm.

Heart Bookkeeping partners with responsive and proactive accountants and accounting firms to get the best outcomes for our mutual clients. Not only do we provide you with beautiful Xero accounting files and year end workpapers, we flag any changes in the client’s business that may require your advice and expertise. We also handle all your client’s Xero and transaction level queries so you have more time to spend on services such as tax planning and business structuring that will make a real difference to the lives of your client.

Find out how you can partner with Heart Bookkeeping here 

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